Those interested in membership in the Association should meet the following criteria:

Regular Membership - All persons who are professionally engaged in any branch of mosquito and related pest control work, and persons interested in the cause of mosquito and related pest control who desire affiliation with this association, shall be eligible for Regular Membership. Regular Membership entitles member to one vote and the right to hold an office in the Association. Regular Membership dues are $10.00 annually and the dues period runs from annual conference to annual conference.

Sustaining Membership - Any person or firm interested in the promotion of the purposes of MAMCA, upon payment of dues herein provided, may become a Sustaining Member. Sustaining Membership qualifies the member for one Regular Membership, one vote, one exhibit booth/display area and (1) individual registration at the Annual Conference, and a listing in all publications. The individual name listed above will be considered the individual contact for the Sustaining Member company or organization. No individual membership dues need be submitted for that person. Sustaining Membership dues are $600.00 annually and are due prior to the Annual Conference.

Dues may be submitted using the Membership Form below or included with an Annual Conference registration. 

Membership Form