The Mid-Atlantic Mosquito Control Association has 3 awards that may be presented at the annual educational conference.


The Rowland E. Dorer Award honors Rowland (Rollie) E. Dorer of Virginia, one of the founding members of the association. Mr. Dorer always emphasized the need for a strong regional association. He was the first president of the MAMCA and was the first recipient of the R.E. Dorer Award, although posthumously. The Rowland E. Dorer Award is awarded to Association members on the basis of their exceptional contributions to mosquito control in the Mid-Atlantic Mosquito Control region.

Dorer Award Nomination Procedure

1987 - Rowland E. Dorer
1989 - Larry E. Kase
1991 - Max M. Askey
1992 - T. Oscar Fultz, Jr.
1994 - Martin J. Shockley
1995 - L.A. Williams, Jr.
1997 - William J. Zawicki
1998 - Chester J. Stachecki, Jr.
1999 - Richard C. Axtell
2004 - Sue C. Ferguson
2007 - Bruce A. Harrison
2008 - William H. Meredith
2009 - Gene R. Payne
2011 - Nolan H. Newton
2012 - Jorge R. Arias  
2013 - Joseph Conlon
2014 - Charlie Pate
2015 - Jeffrey L. Heusel
2017 - Dennis A. Salmen
2019 - Joe Strickhouser



The Outstanding Service Award is awarded to Association members for dedicated service and contributions supporting mosquito control and the Association's mission, goals and objectives.

2002 - Barry Engber, Sue Ferugson
2005 - Jeffrey Heusel, Dennis Salmen
2007 - Parker Whitt
2010 - Charlie Pate, Dennis Salmen
2017 - Andy Kyle



An Outstanding Student Award has been developed by the association as a means to both recognize the contributions of an individual pursuing studies related to the field of mosquito or vector control and to encourage academic pursuits in disciplines related to same. The award recipient must be a resident of one of MAMCA’s nine member states or must be attending a school of higher learning in one of MAMCA’s nine member states.

2007 - Jennifer S. Johnson, Fairfax Co., VA
University of Florida; Master of Science, Entomlogy

2008 - Judy Cherepko, Monroe Co., PA
East Stroudsburg University; Master of Science; Biology

2013 - T. Zachary Freed, University of Maryland;  Master of Science; Environmental Science and Technology - Wetland Science

2014 - Marcelo Schwarz, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Environmental Health Service Doctoral Program