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1975 – Hilton Head Island, SC – Hilton Head Inn
The Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina Mosquito Control Associations held a joint meeting on the island to explore the possibility of creating a regional association in 1975.  Some of the Georgia mosquito control people were also invited to attend and they created the Georgia Mosquito Control Association in a hallway at the meeting facility.  All four associations concurred and the Mid-Atlantic Mosquito Control Association came into being.  Rowland “Rollie” Dorer from Virginia was elected the first President and L.A. Williams of South Carolina was elected Vice President.  The Georgia delegation invited the MAMCA to hold their 1976 meeting in Savannah, Georgia.

1976 – Savannah, GA – DeSoto Hilton Hotel
Rowland E. Dorer (VA) President
L.A. Williams (SC) Vice-President
I believe, at this meeting, it was decided to rotate the meeting sites to each state, North to South, in the future.  About 225 people attended.

1977 – Williamsburg, VA – BonHomme Richard Inn
L.A. Williams (SC) President
Charles McCotter (NC) Vice-President
This was a joint meeting of the MAMCA and the VMCA.

1978 – Wrightsville Beach, NC – Blockade Runner Hotel
C.J. McCotter (NC) President
Oscar Fultz (GA) Vice-President
Charlie Apperson(NC) Secretary-Treasurer
I believe it was this or the year before other states in the Mid-Atlantic area were invited to become members.  This included Maryland, Delaware, and West Virginia.

1979 – Washington, DC – Capitol Hilton Hotel
Oscar Fultz (GA) President
Larry Kase (MD) Vice-President
S.M. Loving (SC) Secretary-Treasurer
This was a joint meeting of the AMCA and the MAMCA. 

1980 – Myrtle Beach, SC – Landmark Resort 
Larry Kase (MD) President
Max Askey (SC) Vice-President
S.M. Loving (SC) Secretary-Treasurer

1981 – Jekyll Island, GA – Jekyll Island Hilton Inn
Max Askey (SC) President
Page Seekford (WV) Vice-President

1982 – Virginia Beach, VA – Sheraton Beach Inn
Page Seekford (WV) President
Ralph Whitaker (VA) was Vice-President

1983 – Asheville, NC – Inn on the Plaza
Ralph Whitaker (VA) President
George Swearingen (NC) Vice- President

1984 – Charleston, SC – Francis Marion Ramada Hotel
George Swearingen (NC) President
Darrell Maddock (GA) Vice- President

1985 – Savannah, GA – Sheraton Savannah Resort & Country Club on Wilmington Island
Darrell Maddock (GA) President
Stan Joseph (MD) Vice-President

1986 – Annapolis, MD – Annapolis Hilton Hotel
Stan Joseph (MD) President
Martin Hyatt (SC) Vice-President

1987 – Williamsburg, VA – Williamsburg Lodge
Martin Hyatt (SC) President
Martin Shockley (VA) Vice-President
Sadly, “Rollie” Dorer, recognized as the father of the MAMCA, had a heart attack while attending this meeting and died.  Awarded posthumously, the Rowland E. Dorer Award was established to honor one of the founding members of the Association and its first President.

1988 – Wilmington, NC – Wilmington Hilton
Martin Shockley (VA) President
Dick Axtell (NC) Vice-President 

1989 – Charleston, SC – Charleston Sheraton Hotel
Dick Axtell (NC) President
Pat Wright (SC) Vice-President
Larry Kase (MD) became the second recipient of the Rowland E. Dorer Award.  This was the last Charleston meeting before Hurricane Hugo struck the city in September.

1990 – Savannah, GA – DeSoto Hilton Hotel
Pat Wright (SC) President
Chet Stachecki (DE) Vice-President
Barry Engber (NC) Secretary-Treasurer 

1991 – Annapolis, MD – Annapolis Waterfront Hotel
Chet Stachecki (DE) President
Bob Berry (MD) Vice-President
Barry Engber (NC) Secretary-Treasurer
Max Askey (SC) became the third member to receive the Rowland E. Dorer award

1992 – Williamsburg, VA – Fort Magruder Inn
Bob Berry (MD) President
Gene Payne (VA) Vice-President
Oscar Fultz (GA) was presented the fourth Rowland E. Dorer Award

1993 – Asheville, NC – Brownestone Hotel
Gene Payne (VA) President
Nolan Newton (NC) Vice-President
The “MAMCA Players” were born and presented a play adapted from an old African folk tale entitled “Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears”

1994 – Hilton Head Island, SC – Crystal Sands Resort
Nolan Newton (NC) President
Rae Wolfensberger (SC) Vice-President
Martin Shockley (VA) was presented the fifth Rowland E. Dorer Award

1995 – Savannah, GA – Savannah Marriott Riverfront
Rae Wolfensberger (SC) President
Barry Engber (NC) Vice-President
Sue Ferguson (SC) Secretary-Treasurer
L.A. Williams (SC) was awarded the sixth Rowland E. Dorer Award

1996 – Norfolk, VA – Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel
Barry Engber (NC) President
Leroy Bohn (VA) Vice-President
Sue Ferguson (SC) Secretary-Treasurer
This was a joint meeting of the AMCA, the MAMCA, and the VMCA

1997 – Dover, DE – Sheraton Dover Hotel
Leroy Bohn (VA) President
Roger Wolfe (DE) Vice-President
Jasper Varn (SC) Secretary-Treasurer
Bill Zawicki was presented with the seventh Rowland E. Dorer Award
This was the first time that the Association met in Delaware.  The MAMCA Players again took to the stage, this time to present a play written by Dr. Dwight Williams of The Wedge entitled “A Problem with Big Mosquitoes”
1998 – Williamsburg, VA – Fort Magruder Inn
Roger Wolfe (DE) President
Joe Conlon (FL) Vice-President
Jasper Varn (SC) Secretary-Treasurer
Chet Stachecki (DE) was presented the eighth Rowland E. Dorer Award

1999 – Wrightsville Beach, NC – Blockade Runner Resort and Conference Center
Joe Conlon (FL) President
Alice Anderson (NC) Vice-President
Jasper Varn (SC) Secretary-Treasurer
Dr. Dick Axtell (NC) was presented with the ninth Rowland E. Dorer Award

2000 – Pawleys Island, SC – Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort
Alice Anderson (NC) President
Sue Ferguson (SC) Vice-President
Jasper Varn (SC) Secretary-Treasurer
Silver (25th) Anniversary of the MAMCA 

2001 – Savannah, GA – Savannah DeSoto Hilton
Sue Ferguson (SC) President
Jeff Heusel (GA) Vice-President
Dennis Salmen (NC) Secretary-Treasurer 

2002 – Baltimore, MD – Wyndham Baltimore Inner Harbor
Jeff Heusel (GA) President
Jonathan Cohen (MD) Vice-President
Dennis Salmen (NC) Secretary-Treasurer  

2003 – Portsmouth, VA – Renaissance Hotel
Jonathan Cohen (MD) President
Tom Gallagher (VA) Vice-President
Dennis Salmen (NC) Secretary-Treasurer 
Pennsylvania joined the Association as a member state

2004 – Savannah, GA – Savannah International Trade & Convention Center
Tom Gallagher (VA) President
David Arnold (SC) is Vice-President
Cheryl Turner (GA) Secretary-Treasurer
This was a joint meeting of the AMCA, the MAMCA, and the GMCA
Sue Ferguson (SC) was the tenth recipient of the Rowland E. Dorer Award

2005 – Charlotte, NC – Adam’s Mark Hotel
David Arnold (SC) President
Dennis Salmen (NC) Vice-President
Cheryl Turner (GA) Secretary-Treasurer

2006 – Harrisburg, PA – Hilton Harrisburg & Towers
Dennis Salmen (NC) President
Andy Kyle (PA) Vice-President
Henry Lewandowski (GA) Secretary-Treasurer

2007 – Charleston, SC – Charleston Riverview Hotel
Andy Kyle (PA) President
Tammy Brewer (SC) Vice-President
Henry Lewandowski (GA) Secretary-Treasurer
Dr. Bruce Harrison was presented with the eleventh Rowland E. Dorer Award.

2008 – Baltimore, MD – Sheraton Baltimore City Center Hotel
Tammy Brewer (SC) President
Chris Lesser (DE) Vice-President
Henry Lewandowski (GA) Secretary-Treasurer 
Dr. Bill Meredith (DE) was the twelfth recipient of the Rowland E. Dorer Award.

2009 – Virginia Beach, VA – Sheraton Oceanfront Hotel
Chris Lesser (DE) President
George Wojcik (VA) Vice-President
Henry Lewandowski (GA) Secretary-Treasurer
Gene Payne (VA) was the thirteenth recipient of the Rowland E. Dorer Award.

2010 – Savannah, GA – Hilton Savannah Desoto
George Wojcik (VA) President
Henry Lewandowski (GA) Vice-President
Joe Andrews (Industry) Vice-President Elect
Andy Kyle (PA) Secretary-Treasurer

2011 – Wilmington, NC – Hilton Wilmington Riverside
Henry Lewandowski (GA) President
Joe Andrews (Industry) Vice-President
Anita Ray (WV) Vice-President Elect
Andy Kyle (PA) Secretary-Treasurer
Nolan Newton (NC) was the fourteenth recipient of the Rowland E. Dorer Award.

2012 – Gettysburg, PA – Wyndham Gettysburg
Joe Andrews (Industry) President
Mike Hutchinson (PA) Vice-President
Jasper Varn, III (SC) Vice-President Elect
Andy Kyle (PA) Secretary-Treasurer
Jorge Arias(VA) was the fifteenth recipient of the Rowland E. Dorer Award.

2013 – Columbia, SC – Courtyard Columbia Downtown at USC
Mike Hutchinson (PA) President
Jasper Varn, III (SC) Vice-President
Anthony DeWitt (MD) Vice-President Elect
Andy Kyle (PA) Secretary-Treasurer
Joseph Conlon (FL) was the sixteenth recipient of the Rowland E. Dorer Award.

2014 – Cambridge, Maryland – Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay
Jasper Varn, III (SC) President
Anthony DeWitt (MD) Vice-President
Rosmarie Kelly (GA) Vice-President Elect
Andy Kyle (PA) Secretary-Treasurer
Charlie Pate (GA) was the seventeenth recipient of the Rowland E. Dorer Award.

2015 – Savannah, Georgia – Hilton Savannah Desoto
Anthony DeWitt (MD) President
Rosmarie Kelly (GA) Vice-President
Abelardo Moncayo (TN) Vice-President Elect
Andy Kyle (PA) Secretary-Treasurer
Jeffrey L. Heusel (GA) was the eighteenth recipient of the Rowland E. Dorer Award.

2016 – Nashville, Tennessee – The Inn at Opryland
Rosmarie Kelly (GA) President
Abelardo Moncayo (TN) Vice-President
Timothy DuBois (VA) Vice-President Elect
Andy Kyle (PA) Secretary-Treasurer

2017 - Newport News, Virginia - Newport News Marriott at City Center
Abelardo Moncayo (TN) President
Timothy DuBois (VA) Vice-President
Stephanie Richards (NC) Vice-President Elect
Andy Kyle (PA) Secretary-Treasurer
Dennis A. Salmen was the nineteenth recipient of the Rowland E. Dorer Award